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3 Time Suck Tasks You Should Assign to Your VA, STAT!

You want to hire a VA… but what the heck should they do for your biz⁉️⁠⁠

Starting to outsource tasks in your biz is a boss babe move 100%.⁠

But it can be overwhelming when you’ve been doing everything yourself for SO LONG.⁠

So now that you have the cash (YASS) to hire that VA, it’s time to figure out which tasks you want to start giving them so you have more time for your zone of biz genius.⁠

Here are 3 ideas of the work you can start outsourcing to your VA to clear up hours in your week and make time for more biz building activity 📈

💰 Social Media Posting & Scheduling ⁠

Logging into your social platforms every day to post can take up time (especially if you get caught up in the scroll, guilty!)⁠

But if you create your posts ahead of time and give them to your VA, they can be in charge of posting them and scheduling them.⁠

💰 Managing Contracts, Proposals, and Invoices⁠

Handing off admin work that is repetitive to a VA is one of the BEST FEELINGS because you don’t have to hang out in your email all day to keep the biz running.⁠

Teach your VA how you handle contracts, proposals, and invoices, so you can focus more on delivering your clients’ RESULTS.⁠

💰 Sending PR and Referral Requests⁠

Relationships are a big part of the business but reaching out to people every day can be tiring. Have your VA keep a running list of your clients so they can routinely reach out to them about your latest offers or referral requests. ⁠

And of course, whatever tasks you just don’t want to do anymore and that you don’t NEED to be doing.


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