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5 Beautiful Lessons From Real Women Who Quit Their Jobs to Work for Themselves

One of the best things about being part of our P&P community is the many interesting, insightful stories you hear about the lives that these brilliant women entrepreneurs lead, as well as their respective biz journeys.

Today, I’m sharing a recent favourite comment thread of mine. It started when a new member posted:

I’d love to hear your advice/stories of leaving your full time career to take on your business full time!?

Not the financial side or the business side but more about how you felt and dealt with the decision and following that through.

The post spawned numerous ✨incredible✨ responses. Check out five of these inspiring stories/lessons from real women like you who wrestled with doubts and fears before finally taking the plunge (SPOILER: it was all worth it! 💖).

A former seasoned corporate executive-turned-professional organiser recently tendered her resignation and received an amazing counter-offer. However, she turned it down in the end.

Her reason? She simply felt so much of her was ready to leave. As she puts it, “Once you feel that you’re checking out, the answer has already been made. Don’t wait till you’re checked out (and potentially jeopardize your reputation!)”

Another member, an intuitive support coach for entrepreneurs, advised women to trust their instinct. Having gone through the experience herself, she says, “It’s hard and big and scary, but when I did it I looked back a few months later and thought damnnnn, I should have done that much earlier!”

This social media manager enjoyed her old 9-5, but knew it in her heart that if she was planning to do things “eventually”, she might as well get started on it now anyway. “Loved my colleagues and I did enjoy what I did, but I remembered my big dream of owning a business and being my own boss… and I realised I could either make it happen NOW or make it happen later and regret not starting sooner.”

A social media coach recounted how she moved on before she felt quite ready.  “I thought the day I left would feel so aligned and the exact right timing, but I learnt that there *never* would be the perfect timing!” Nearly a year later of making a killing in sales with her partner, she says she has not once even thought about getting a job since!

A common fear about leaving one’s job is the fear of losing the life one has built around it. But as this art therapist learnt, this is not always the case. She shares, “I loved my nursing job, like big-time loved it. The people, the patients, the work… but what I didn’t love was the control it had over my life and dreams.”

She adds, “It was terrifying making the leap into my business full-time but liberating at the same time. It was freedom. And now the workmates I had in the hospital see me socially instead of in-between patients!”

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