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5+1 Things About You That Tell Me You’re 💯 ALL-IN on Your Biz

Here’s a snippet of my online convo with one of my clients here at P&P Mastermind.

This isn’t a fluke.

This is the *direct* result of this client consistently showing up for her business day after day after day… guided by a strategy that’s tailored specifically to: (a) her goals and; (b) where she’s at in her biz journey.

Beyond programs and strategies, here’s another reason why my clients inside of the Purpose & Profit Mastermind succeed 🏆⁠

Not everyone gets in. We say no to at least 3-4 people per week. This is for many reasons, but the #1 reason is:⁠

I’m only committed to helping boss babes that are serious about getting results. ⁠

So I make sure that everyone who I work with has these 5 (PLUS ONE!) MUST-HAVE traits that show me they’re dedicated to showing up for their biz 🔥⁠

✨ Have an existing service-based, coaching, or consulting biz that they’re passionate about⁠
✨ See BIG things for themselves as a CEO & aren’t willing to settle⁠
✨ Are ready to put in the work… NOW
✨ Cheerlead other women building their businesses⁠
✨ Are willing to learn, be coached & implement new strategies to get your biz to consistent $10k & $20k months and beyond⁠

And of course…⁠

💥 Are confident they can make their business go BOOM 💥

These are the type of confident, bosses you’ll find in the Purpose & Profit Mastermind 💕

Sound like you? Let’s chat 📞

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