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Are you dreaming BIG enough ?

HONOURED to be featured in TOTAL GIRL BOSS 😍 speaking about how society has helped keep women small and about how we help break this pattern to build 6-figure-girlbosses 💥⁠

As someone who worked with over 300 badass women business owners, I know very, very well that entrepreneurship isn’t meant to be some silly boys-only club.

One big reason we’re not seeing more women #winning in the biz space is NOT that they aren’t equipped with the skills they need to be 6 or 7-figure earners– it’s that they don’t believe that they have those skills.

I get it. Growing up, nearly all of us have been conditioned to play a background supporting role in life. To be the woman behind every man’s success.

And this is EXACTLY the mindset we want to shift. You don’t need to shrink yourself to be supportive, or to suit other people’s comfort levels. Own your space and go as BIG as you wanna go, queen! 👑 The world will thank you for it, trust me. 💖

Check out the rest of my conversation with TGB below.

Read the full interview

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