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The Importance of Self Worth Plus 10 Tips to Help Build Self Worth

Being a successful Boss Babe and having low self-worth seem counterintuitive. However, even the rising stars among us sometimes wrestle with the notion of self-worth. A majority of the fantastic success stories you hear began with a struggle to find self-worth.

Business Coaching

Self-Belief: If You Don’t Believe in Your Business, Your Offer, or Your Abilities, Why Should Your Clients?

Running a business is no simple task. When the buck stops at your desk, you need to deal with the issue at hand decisively. You are likely aware that any hesitation or lack of confidence on your part will work against you.

The question here is how can you project self-belief when you do not feel sure about your plans or policies? Honestly, it is a remarkably difficult task. However, difficult is not impossible, and if you put the work in, you will get results out.

Business Coaching

Five Factors to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

If you are an entrepreneur, you already know the benefits of planning, hard work, and good decision making. All of those will get you on the road to success, but you need another element to reach your destination. You need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset because that will separate you from your peers who tried and failed to achieve their dreams.

Business Coaching

Why You Need a Business Coach

Sometimes those who own and operate small or medium-sized businesses fall into the mindset that they are somehow ‘less than’ those business owners running big companies. There is a belief that the things that work for larger businesses would not work for them.

This is positively not true. While you may not be ready for a corporate jet (yet), there are plenty of cues you can take from those running large operations. One really helpful idea that you can see all over the business world is working with a business coach.

If you are on the fence about how much you may benefit from having a business coach, take a few minutes to learn more about what a business coach can offer you.

What is a Business Coach?

A business coach is an entrepreneur or expert who knows how to grow successful businesses. They take their years of experience and help other businesspeople who are struggling or just getting started in the business world.

It has been said that a business coach is part teacher, part mentor, and part psychologist. There is no doubt that business coaches wear several hats, and being able to do this makes business coaches so valuable.

How Can a Business Coach Help Me?

Just as in the sports world, where coaches assist athletes and look for ways to help them improve, business coaches find ways to assist their clients in improving and growing. Good business coaches can help you and your company in several different ways.

  • Help identify your dreams and goals, then find ways to bring them to life
  • Improve productivity
  • Come up with fresh marketing plans
  • Offer accountability
  • Increase your profits
  • Foster good relationships throughout your company
  • Work with team training and skill development
  • Provide investment advice
  • Help you focus on what you do best
  • Give you straightforward, unbiased opinions
  • Share their knowledge and experience to help you determine what works and what does not

Business training.

How Do I Know if I Need a Business Coach?

While simply asking the question could be an indication that yes, you need a business coach, here are seven indicators that you should work with a business coach.

  1. You Do Not Have a Consistent Direction – Even if your business is small, you still need to know where you are heading to get there. A business coach can work with you to make a roadmap for your company.
  2. You Lack a Strategy – With a business strategy, you can weigh a to-do list and tell which items are the most important and which can wait. You are also able to be proactive and not reactive when things go wrong. Helping you strategise and make clear plans is something business coaches excel at doing.
  3. You Struggle with Getting Things Done – If you are procrastinating and essentially hiding from your responsibilities, a business coach can offer the accountability you need. Additionally, your coach can schedule and help prioritise your to-do list.
  4. You Feel Stuck – When you do not have the desire to do what is necessary to help your business grow, a business coach can offer suggestions and motivate you to continue to move forward.
  5. Your Business Has Grown Dramatically – While you want to see growth in your company, unfettered growth in many directions feels chaotic and frequently leads to overwhelmed workers. If unchecked, this attitude can bring about high turnover as well as poor customer service. A business coach can help you build a plan to meet the growing demands of your business.
  6. Your Digital Marketing is a Mess – It is challenging to stay on top of all the changes in the online marketplace. This is especially true if you are trying to run your company and keep up with the day-to-day demands of running your business. Business coaches can help navigate through the maze of online marketing because they understand the ins and out of SEO, paid to advertise, pay per click ads, social media and all of the other details found in the virtual marketplace.
  7. You Cannot Remember Your Last Day Off – Many business owners struggle to step away from the helm long enough to have a day off or a vacation. Generally, this happens because business owners believe they are the only people capable of taking care of things. With the help of a business coach, you can identify the best staff for the jobs that cannot wait.

Running a business is tough, lonely work. Sometimes, even the best leaders need someone in their corner. There is tremendous confidence gained when you understand you are not alone in your struggles.

If you think that a business coach could help you and your company become everything you imagined, contact Steph Gorton and set up an appointment for a free 15-minute consultation. How high can you go? The sky is the limit.