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Don’t Wait For People to Celebrate You

#RealTalk: Being in business is NOT easy.

You have to be insanely motivated, possess tough AF skin, and be bold enough to take many, many leaps of faith. Your success story is built on countless failures, rejections, and disappointments, and your ability to power through them.

So I am VERY big on celebrating #winning, regardless if they are little wins or life-changing ones. And you don’t *need* to wait for other people to give you a pat on the back! All you need to celebrate you… is YOU! 🙌

Let me share a beautiful story that Maddison, one of my clients, posted to our coaching group recently.

When I first on boarded into P&P and wrote my goals down, one was to hit a financial goal consecutively. My reward to myself was “buy my dream ring”.

While I knew with Stephanie’s help I could hit my $$$ goal, the thought of buying myself expensive jewellery made me so uncomfortable. What would people think I bought it for myself and my partner didn’t? How could I justify spending that amount on myself?

Well, I smashed my $$$ and got myself a custom-designed ring! I’ve had my eye on this particular stone for about a year! I got to pick this beauty up last week and let me tell you it feels so damn good to wear it! No guilt, no weird feeling just so happy and proud of myself and what I achieved!

Thank you times a million Steph, not only did you help me more than double my income you helped me change my mindset and use my hard-earned money [to] celebrate myself 🎉

Maddy picked a beautiful ring, for sure. What makes it even more precious to her though is what the ring represents. This is something she earned with her own currency of hard work and brilliance. 💖

So heck yes, sis! If you achieved something good today, CELEBRATE IT! CELEBRATE YOURSELF! 👏 Life is too short to be modest about what you’re worth.

And remember: you don’t have to wait for other people to recognise that you’re awesome. You already are. ✨

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