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Eyes on the CEO,000,000 Prize, Babe!

Ever feel like you’re doing so much for your biz yet you’re seeing too little returns on your hard work?

Then maybe it’s time to take stock of what’s been keeping you busy, my love.

Don’t get distracted by all the shiny objects…⁠
Focus on those money-making tasks baby $$$ 🚀⁠

💰 Launch the damn thing ⁠
💰 Create a new offer ⁠
💰 Send an email campaign ⁠
💰 Post in a FB group⁠
💰 Reach out to an influencer

But you also need to start actively working your network!

💰 Ask someone you admire for coffee⁠
💰 Start a conversation with an ideal client ⁠
💰 Follow up old leads ⁠
💰 Check in with current clients & show them love⁠

Then look at retooling your internal processes and strategies. There’s ALWAYS something you can try, I promise! 🤞

💰 Implement a new strategy to get client results ⁠
💰 Hire someone! So you can take on more work⁠
💰 Upskill your knowledge. Gotta always be growing. ⁠

Your time is valuable, you’ve got to spend it doing the CEO,000,000 work 🔥⁠

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