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How to Get Out of Your Scarcity Loop

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms 🌹🌹🌹

I’m not perfect

I’ve lost countless hours over the years watching other women in the same industry as me, and feeling deflated and inferior at times. Watching them shine sometimes made me feel like “I have no place here” or “how can I possibly add value when there’s so much knowledge out there”… ⁠

I’ve watched as new leaders emerge and conquer their markets… often leaving me feeling “out of touch” or “behind” 😪⁠

But when I dug deep, I realised this emotion was not jealousy or competitive… it was a deep fear, it was scarcity mindset 🤯⁠
That somehow their success meant mine would run out. That there would be no space for me. That there wouldn’t be enough people to help.

And what I’ve learnt (time & time again thanks universe) is “there’s enough for all of us” 🙌🏼⁠

Tapping into my abundance mindset means more than just thinking about money & finances. It’s all encompassing… More = More ✨ ⁠

✅More coaches, means more people are getting the support and help they need⁠
✅Showing more of my authentic self = more ideal heck yes clients DMing me. ⁠
✅Taking more breaks = more energy to show up & get shit done. ⁠
✅More celebration & love for every woman kicking massive goals = more deeply supported communities ⁠

Now I rarely visit scarcity town. And you don’t have to either 👏🏼

So I encourage you, when you feel that shrinking FEAR & SCARCITY to remember… MORE = MORE. ⁠

Someone else shining does not dim your light… it makes it brighter 🔥

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