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How To Make Money From Instagram Stories

I was having a conversation with a 1:1 client this morning about Instagram Stories and how overlooked they are as a sales conversion tool.

Most small businesses owners spend a lot of time & energy on creating posts for IG and not really putting any time or effort into IG Stories.
But let me tell you right now, you’re missing out on massive $$$ ????

Take a moment to think about the way YOU use instagram. Are you scrolling through your feed OR are you watching IG Stories and just “tap – tap – tapping” through stories until one captures your attention?

Statistics show that IG Stories are fast becoming the way people are consuming content on instgram with IG posts taking up less of our scrolling time.

And for good reason, they’re so damn engaging! And they give watchers a chance to see “behind the scenes” and get to know the business/influencer more intimately.

So, with this in mind…

I want to share 4 tips on how to use IG stories to make you $$$$


85% of IG story watchers are watching on SILENT. Usually we’re consuming social media in the presence of others – at work or on public transport, or while we’re listening to music. Because of this we’re watching without sound!
So ALWAYS caption Instagram stories of you speaking with at least a summary of what you’re discussing. If someone becomes REALLY engaged with the content in the captions, they’re likely to go back to the start and watch with sound on. BUT ONLY IF YOU CAPTURE THEIR ATTENTION FIRST!


The way the algorithm works on IG is like this:
Everytime someone engages with your content, it means IG shows them MORE of your content (YAY!).
So the trick is to get them engaging with your stuff… the easiest way is in IG stories. By using fun Polls (donuts or wine), questions (whats your got-to naughty snack) & Quiz’s (Is my favourite food donuts, icecream or wine) on your IG stories you’re encouraging people to interact with you & the more they interact – the more they see your stuff – SIMPLE. 


Accounts that show personality, humour & quirks are the ones withe THE MOST FOLLOWERS. SO let your freak flag fly. Don’t be scared to be more you! Ignore / block / delete the haters & start building a tribe of people who LOVE you for you.
Be sure to show up on your IG stories with PASSION & ENERGY when speaking to your audience and make them WANT to interact with you. They want to get to know you, so don’t be scared to show up & build more trust & rapport with your audience. 


You want your audience to take action on your story?
Want them to buy your stuff…
ASK THEM. Ask them questions, ask them to DM you the answers, ask them to click the link in your bio, ask them to share your stuff, ask them to drop their favourite emoji – ask them to buy your STUFF.

We’re so scared to ask because we think it looks desperate, so instead we do this awkward thing where we just *hope* that they’re going to know that we want people to buy it.
*Spoiler Alert – that don’t work*

Ask and you shall receive. Simple.

Rant over. 

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