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How to Set Boundaries When Growing Your Biz

Boundaries will take you from STRUGGLING to THRIVING in your biz 🔥

Your people-pleasing and ‘do anything’ willingness to make clients and leads happy is zapping the energy you need to scale your biz.⁠

When you don’t have your products and services nailed down to a T and your boundaries with your clients communicated with tons of CLARITY, you’re opening up the floodgates.⁠

See, by agreeing to every request and bending over backwards at every turn, you’re burning yourself out and sacrificing your biz growth too!⁠

You set the tone for how you’re treated in your biz 💥⁠

Here are some ways you can establish biz boundaries to keep scaling while staying sane:⁠

➡️ Establish work hours and make sure your clients know about them! Don’t answer emails or messages outside of these hours, otherwise you’re training them to expect you to be available 24/7.⁠

➡️ Outline what exactly you offer and make sure people know HOW they can work with you, so your messaging is clear and fewer people ask you for work outside of your biz scope.⁠

➡️ Tell your friends and family when you’re busy working on your biz so you don’t feel pressured to change your time blocks to fit others. Just because you work for yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t have set hours and boundaries 🔥⁠

Successful boss babes all have their boundaries set and ready to face the world 🌍

Your Turn!

What are some of your favourite boundaries? Let us know on IG and let’s motivate each other to work ON our biz, instead of just IN it ✔️

If you’re struggling to get clarity, plan for goals, or even take a minute OUT of working IN your business… Let me help you.

Book a free 15min chat & let’s make a plan, beautiful xx

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