With self-worth comes a calm sense of self-assurance, valuing oneself rather than proving oneself.


The Importance of Self Worth Plus 10 Tips to Help Build Self Worth

Being a successful Boss Babe and having low self-worth seem counterintuitive. However, even the rising stars among us sometimes wrestle with the notion of self-worth. A majority of the fantastic success stories you hear began with a struggle to find self-worth.

What is Self-Worth?

To understand this elusive yet essential quality, we need a working definition. Many dictionaries define self-worth as a synonym for self-esteem. However, the two terms are not identical. Self-esteem comes from seeing value in what you do; self-worth is seeing the value in yourself because of who you are inside.

The concept of having value because you exist is difficult for many people to grasp because we live in a goal-oriented, results-driven world. Toss in the notion of instant gratification, and it is easy to see why so many talented and intelligent women have poor concepts of their self-worth.

To have a positive sense of self-worth, you must be able to validate yourself and believe that you are enough and valuable.

Why is Self-Worth Essential?

Self-worth plays a vital role in your life. It is a factor that governs your decisions even though you might not be aware that it is happening.

*For Example* Perhaps you love your car. How will your feelings about the car’s importance impact your decisions? You will likely demonstrate that the vehicle has value to you. You will keep it clean, schedule regular services like oil changes and tyre rotation. You may decorate your car, and you likely choose to park it in a location where the car is safe from theft and vandalism. Your decisions are based on how you feel about the car itself. Not its engine, colour, or the year it was made.

If your mind can govern so many actions based on how you treat a car, imagine the impact of your self-worth on the choices you make for yourself.

How Self-Worth Can Impact the Broader ‘You’

Self-worth touches all areas of your life, which is why learning a positive self-worth matters so much. Here are some crucial points where a good sense of self-worth is vital.

  • Your relationships and what sorts of behaviour you tolerate
  • Employment and what you are willing to reach for in the work world
  • Self-care and if you treat yourself properly
  • Your ability to chase your dreams
  • How determined you are to succeed
  • Your ability to get back up after experiencing a fall
  • Your confidence and your self-talk

When you have self worth, you bounce back more swiftly from setbacks and disappointments.

Ten Tips for Building Self Worth

Because your self-worth can touch all aspects of your life, you must bolster it. Here are ten tips to help you build your self-worth.

1. Comparing Yourself to Others Is a No-Win Situation – Whether it is a sibling, a coworker, or that irritating girl from high school with the charmed life, spending time comparing yourself to anyone else will only bring you down. Realistically, you have no idea what is happening in others’ minds. Maybe they are comparing themselves to you.

Put your energy towards making and meeting your own goals as well as enjoying the ride.

2. Be Nice to Yourself – We all have that negative voice hanging around to remind us of everything we have ever done wrong. It is time to silence that voice. Kill it with kindness, if you will. You can impact how you feel about yourself by changing your inner dialogue.

Talk to yourself the same way you would speak to a good friend. For example, If you try on dresses and consistently tell yourself how bad you look, you will be miserable. Imagine shopping with a friend, who is the one with dresses that do not look good. What would you say? It is pretty unlikely that the things you mentally tell yourself are fitting to say to a friend. So, if you would never say to a friend that she looked like a giant hog in a dress, do not talk to yourself that way.

3. Do Not Punish Yourself Over Mistakes – You have likely heard the saying everyone making mistakes. Here is a newsflash, that statement is 100 per cent true. While you should acknowledge your mistakes and see what you can learn from the situation, do not ruminate over every detail. It will keep you stuck.

4. Be Good to Others – You would be amazed at how much small kindnesses mean to others and how good they can make you feel about yourself. Make it a rule to leave people better than you found them. It will lift you too.

5. Celebrate Small Victories – This can mean many different things to people. Generally, take time to acknowledge the things that went right. You got up early and worked out before heading into the office. You remembered your mother-in-law’s birthday and called her. This is an exercise in acknowledging that you get it right regularly.

6. Pay Attention to Your Health – It is nearly impossible to be at your best if you struggle with health issues. Address seemingly minor things as well as problems that seem gravely important. Make time to rest. The demands of your world will still be there waiting for you.

7. Exercise – You may roll your eyes at the idea, but exercise can boost your self-worth. You do not need to train for a marathon. Something as simple as walking can improve your mood and your health.

8. Do What Makes You Happy – There should be more to your world than the daily grind. Think about things you might enjoy and carve out some time to do them. Whether it is a manicure, gardening, or fishing off of the pier, as long as you enjoy it, take a break and do it.

9. Focus on What You Can Change – If you ponder all of the wrongs you cannot change, your self-worth will take a beating. Look for things you can do to make an impact. Suppose the plight of homeless animals matters, but you are not in the position to adopt a dog. Donate or volunteer at a shelter. If climate change worries you, start recycling and spread the word. There will always be immense issues in the world, but do not obsess or beat yourself up. Change what you can.

10. Surround Yourself with Support – Wherever you spend time, be aware of how others make you feel about yourself. You may need to co-exist with some unkind people, but do all you can to keep them at arm’s length. Reach out to those who lift you, and you will have someone to lean on when things are not going your way.


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