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It’s Time ⏰ to Raise Your Prices

Is it time to raise those prices? 👀⁠

You’ve been in biz for a bit and you’re ready to reach the next level…⁠

But adding more clients to your workload ISN’T the best move if you want to serve your clients at the same standards while making more money.⁠

When you’re at capacity but you want to serve your clients while reaching your income goals – it’s time to RAISE THOSE PRICES beauty ❤️⁠

Here’s why:⁠

💰 By charging more per client, you’ll be able to reach financial freedom faster in your biz⁠
💰 You’ll be able to serve your clients at a higher level and give them even BETTER results⁠
💰 You can shower your clients with love ⁠
💰 More money means being able to invest in better systems and a team to help you BUILT⁠

Raising your prices doesn’t mean you’re LIMITING yourself.⁠

It means you’re making space for dream clients who understand your worth and are serious about their results ✨⁠

So don’t be afraid to raise 👏 those 👏 prices 👏 babe!

If you’re struggling to get clarity, plan for goals, or even take a minute OUT of working IN your business… Let me help you.

Book a free 15min chat & let’s make a plan, beautiful xx

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