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Let’s talk MONEY 💰

Women notoriously shy away from talking about money or bringing it up because society tells us it’s not polite. Or that it’s #greedy.

But, I disagree.⁠

I think having open conversations about money and goals makes it EASIER to attract more wealth into your life. Because a big part of making money is having the right money mindset.⁠

But let’s say you’re not earning the money you want – 

It’s time for some internal money mindset work.⁠

Here are some of my favourite ways to recalibrate my mind to be a money magnet:

✔️Abundance and money affirmations⁠
✔️Reading money mindset books like “Rich As F*ck” by Amanda Frances ⁠
✔️ Talking out my money goals with my Biz Coaches & my Biz Community ⁠
✔️ Setting new financial targets and celebrating the heck out of them when I hit them ⁠
✔️ Writing down my goals and visualizing them coming to life ⁠

It’s time to bust that money block, girl, and start earning the $$$ you deserve.

Ready to do the money talk?

Get on a free call with our team today! This 10-minute commitment-free chat may just be the biz spark that you’re looking for.

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