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My Dirty Little Spiritual Secret

I was out for wine yesterday with a business friend & we both sheepishly admitted to being closet spirituality lovers. I admitted to her that I read my Tarot every morning (thanks to @seekingwilder for teaching me) and take guidance from the cards to set my intentions for the day.
My friend admitted that she loved manifesting & crystals.

We both laughed as we realised that we don’t share our love of the Woo-Woo World on social media much, but that every business woman we come in contact with seems to be totally in love with all things spiritual & universey. I thought about it more last night (over another glass of wine) & here’s my thoughts on why more & more women in business are turning to the spiritual world and why you might consider it too:

1. You start to look inward

Most practices aligned with the Woo Woo world are about searching within yourself for the answers to the challenges & questions you have about life. Meditation, manifesting, visualisations all help to show you that YOU ARE fully in control of your existence & that you can choose to change direction at any moment. That’s powerful when you’re in business!

2. It creates more CALM in our days

In the crazy world of business, we’re always rushing, stressing, cramming, crying, rejoicing, networking & overall moving haphazardly through our days. By taking a moment to meditate or look inward each day & check in with how you’re feeling & what you, your clients & business need from you in that day or that moment, you’re able to move forward in a calm way with purpose & start to work smarter instead of harder.

3. Gratitude & happiness

Taking a moment & practicing some woo-woo each day whether it be meditation, tarot reading, visualisations breath-work etc encourages you to be very IN the present moment. It encourages you to slow down & be thankful for what you’ve got right now. Those moments of gratitude each day, those little moments of being totally present, they increase your happiness 10 fold so you can move through your business day radiating positive energy & good vibes.

So if you’re not on the woo-woo train yet… now you know what all the fuss is about.

I’d love to hear from you if you’re in the spiritual closet and you have some practices that you do regularly that no one knows about… you’re safe to come-out to me!

Sending much love Steph xx

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