PSA: Your biz can't win by just winging it. - Steph Gorton
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PSA: Your biz can’t win by just winging it.

Raise your hand if you “wing it” when you sit down to work on your business 🙋‍♀️⁠

I know it’s easy to just say “I’ll figure it out as I go” or “I’ll do whatever inspires me in the moment.”⁠

But to be honest – you’re doing yourself (and your business) a disservice by not being more intentional with your time ⏰

Here’s the thing, with a simple planner (electronic recommended but paper works too), you can FULLY transform how and when you’re taking the time to build your business. ⁠

The strategy I use is Time Blocking, which means I put in ‘blocks’ of time in my calendar with designated tasks and focuses for that allotted time. ⁠

Because by not figuring out what you’re going to focus on each work block – you spend time thinking about it when you sit down to get started. ⁠

When I was asked “what does your heart want to do?” – the answer was SPEAK.

By doing this every 1-2 weeks, I always go into my work sessions with a plan and goal which keeps me on top of my game and excited to get everything done.⁠

And the best part?⁠

It only takes 10-15 minutes at the start of your week.⁠

⁠I’m not kidding beauty – this could save you hours every month and exponentially grow your business.⁠⁠

If you haven’t yet, give Time Blocking a try. Be sure to let me know how it rocked your world!

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