Make A Plan, Get More Clients & Make More Money From Paradise in Just 5 Days


I take a select group of ambitious entrepreneurs away to Bali to immerse ourselves in big picture thinking, possibility and a tonne of action taking.

It’s true that in order to manifest something big, bold, and beautiful in your life, you have to create space for the next vision to emerge.

To get out of your environment and see your business & life from another perspective.

Everything flows from a big vision, and you need to put yourself in an inspiring and creative space, with supportive and equally ambitious people, in order to see the possibilities and take bold action.


Our Bali Retreat gives you the luxury of uninterrupted time to dream big and implement faster than ever before. In just 5 days you will elevate your 12 month business plan, your content strategy and your sales mindset & skills to have you making more money & creating the business you’ve always dreamed of.


Our next Bali Retreat May 4th to May 10th 2023.


5 Star Luxury Resort in Nusa Dua, Bali



 7-figure business coach, 2x business owner, NLP & mindset coach & passionate self development junkie and Human Design Type – Generator (which means I’ll bring big energy & big vibe)

Tim Frey

Serial entrepreneur (with 7 businesses under his belt), Business Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Manifesting Generator


WHAT TO Expect

Choose your adventure:

This experience will be a buffet of experiences that you can choose to partake in from movement sessions, immersive cultural experiences, foodie expeditions and workshops in sales, marketing, mindset breakthrough and strategic planning.


Interactive Pomodoro Breakout Sessions will be half day “implementation” sessions designed to help you implement all you’ve learnt & get the work done while Tim & I are there to critique, support & guide you.

In these sessions we find that women get 2 months worth of work done in just 3 hours. Due to the laser focussed, highly simplified approach to implementation.

Dream bigger than ever before:

You’ll get all of this PLUS time & spaciousness for dreaming, breathing, sitting and exploring.


  • 6 nights' deluxe private room accommodation at a 5 Star Resort

  • Buffet Breakfast Daily, nourishing food catered to dietary requirements

  • Daily workshop sessions: Sales Mastery, Marketing Mastery (including FB ad’s, email marketing and social media), Strategic Planning, Mindset Expansion, Growth & Scale Support (including operations, processes, procedures, project management & hiring team)

  • Five days with Steph & Tim to ask for our feedback, strategies, and suggestions for your business, plus a full behind the curtain look into how we run our own businesses.

  • Hot-seat sessions where you can receive Steph & Tim’s feedback plus hear the other attendees’ insights and suggestions for your business. An invaluable opportunity.

  • Access to ALL of our templates, emails, funnels, ad’s creative & copy, planning documents, recruitment templates and more. Our business & backend systems are yours to view, use & implement.

  • Access to a personal travel agent for all travel bookings & enquiries

  • Deeper connections and friendships built with other small business owners who are ready to level up like you

  • Visit Bali cultural locations, spend your afternoons by the pool or in the spa getting the much needed and well deserved rest your body has been craving

  • Uninterrupted time away from normal life commitments to work on (not in) your business and create a plan that will see your growth & business skyrocket

What's not INCLUDED:

  • Flights

  • Airport transfers (can be arranged via the hotel)

  • Meals outside of breakfast

  • Cultural activities & excursions

Kayla Willets - Kayla Made Travel (Travel Agent)

Steph I literally was coming to bali on a whim with no expectations and having not met anyone in the group it was a little daunting.

Honestly what a game changing 5 days. I can't tell you exactly what it was or the best thing, all I know is I'm walking away stronger, more confident and just so excited to enter this new chapter of business growth and motherhood. The group dynamic was amazing and it was also just so good to be surrounded by other business owners all sharing their ideas and seeing how everyone else could also level up. Can I sign up now for next year😅
Thank you so much and also Tim! I learnt more in the last 5 days than probably my whole career 😍

Kate White - Online Course Creator

I AM SCREAMING! Just sold a $4000 package for 4 hours worth of work. That’s the pricing we came up with in Bali for my smallest package. IM ACTUALLY DYING 😱😱😱😱

And seriously, my client feedback since coming back from Bali has been out of this world. My clients are so happy and I swear it’s cause of my energy change from the self work in Bali.

The retreat changed my life. I increased my prices confidently, came up with new offers, stepped into my CEO & BOSS Mindset and ever since my business has gone from $5k months to $20k+

Thank you so much for this incredible experience. I learnt so much.

Harmony Jade - High Performance Coach

Prior to going on the retreat I was really looking to expand my circle… I wanted to surround myself with a calibre of people who could think big picture and outside the box that I could learn from and cheer each other on too.

The retreat was a great space to step out of my business and look at it objectively and get help on the things I felt stuck on.

It helped me change my perspective and shift my focus from procrastination and lacking confidence to launch to, getting plans on paper, changing how I marketed my business (hello full rebrand) and coming home with clear direction on what steps to take next.

I loved that it was an intimate group where we had plenty of time to deeply connect with other biz women but also experience coaching in a more intensive manner that was action oriented. The retreat was everything I hoped it would be and more! I genuinely can’t wait for the next one.

Thanks Steph & Tim for creating this safe space for us to share, connect and grow.

Louise Murray - Dietician

I can’t say enough about the Bali business retreat with Steph and Tim! It was much more than I expected it to be and it’s had a permanent impact on my business but also my life (sounds dramatic but you can’t separate the two). It was an automatic yes when Steph announced the retreat, I was in her mastermind group so I knew the results that she could achieve for business growth. I also wanted to get access to Tim’s brain, he’s had success in his own businesses and I wanted a male perspective. I’d never been on anything like this before so I was nervous, but it was all organised so beautifully, the girls on the trip were phenomenal and it all just worked!

The working sessions were amazing, but just as beneficial were the casual chats at breakfast or over a cocktail by the pool. It gave me a chance to only be a business owner for a week, not mum/wife/general dogs body to everyone. It gave me the space to get creative about my biz and where I want it to go. The pampering and food was also next level.

It’s grown my business by making me think bigger, be challenged with possibilities and have the cheer leaders of the group on the trip but also ongoing. I’m doing things now that I didn’t think I could, only 3 months later! Would I recommend it? Heck yes! Would I go again? Heck yes!

If you want to be in an environment that moves your business forward in a way that is only possible in this type of container then do it. Tim and Steph are so generous with their expertise and support, you need to do the work but they’re there to guide you and support you in a way that you can’t do on your own. I’m forever grateful to these 2 humans Go for it!

Carmen Strong - Professional Organiser & Influencer

I had to go on this retreat… I knew I would get so much value being removed from my environment, away from distractions and with the BEST in business the whole time.

I can’t even put it into words how much it transformed my life. I went in with an idea and out with a FULLY build membership program, ready to launch with all automations set up in in 5 days!? Say what?

I walked away with an additional revenue stream, deeper connections that I would have never had otherwise and taught me so many things about my business and how I need to scale in the future. The Bali Retreat is game changing for business. I have already told so many people they need to go! It’s something I’ve never done before, was I scared? YES, was it tough for me to leave the kids? YES Did I think about not going? YES But this is why I did it! Stepped out of my comfort zone… Because I know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result… this is what I needed to get a different result!

THANK YOU!! Can’t wait for the next one

Make A Plan, Get More Clients & Make More Money From Paradise
in Just 5 Days


What’s the investment?

The Bali Retreat is $5,250 if paid upfront or 5x monthly payments of $1,200.

How many people attend?

We like to keep things intimate and limit capacity to 9 people.

How do I get there?

We’ll provide you access to an incredible travel agent who can help you find the best flight deals and arrange transport to and from the accommodation for you.

What do I need to bring?

We’ll provide you with a full packing list when you book, but most important is an open mind, a positive attitude and your laptop!

How do I secure my spot?

The first step is to apply for the retreat, from there we’ll reach out and book a time to have a chat. If it’s a heck yes for you and us, we’ll need a deposit to secure your spot. 

Why would I attend the retreat VS buy one of your programs?
  1. In my programs you don’t get 5x 10 hour days with myself or Tim 
  2. We’ve been told by past Bali attendees that what they got in 5 days was equivalent to and if not more potent than our 6 & 12 month programs due to the 1:1 access & tailored support. 
  3. This is a once in a lifetime experience which will change your life forever