Episode 14: 34 Lessons for Success in Life & Biz

Today’s episode is a little different to our usual solo eps, I’m going to be sharing with you my biggest takeaways in Life & Business.

Over the last five years in business and in self-development, I have dedicated over 1300 hours and invested over $142,000 into my own growth and knowledge, and the art of mastering myself and my mindset.

I have gone from a woman who didn’t know what she wanted, who was single, who was unhappy working in a cubicle unfulfilled and bored by life, scraping together cash to pay the bills and living for the weekends to a woman who is ambitious, driven, sure of herself, abundant both in money and time, and also in love and making a massive impact in just five years.

I’ve completely turned my life around and am so excited to share what I have learned along the way so that you too can – 10 X your growth💥, change the course of your life ✈️and really chart your own path to destiny 🙌🏼.

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