Episode 19: Q&A with Steph – How to Break Through a Plateau, Why You NEED Boundaries, and How to STOP Feeling Like a Failure

Welcome to a brand new segment we’re trialing this week where I answer some of the questions straight from YOU!

Helping women to create the business of their dreams and achieve their goals is my number one mission, so these episodes will be a space for me to dive deep on a few different topics.

If you want your question to be answered next let me know you enjoyed this episode and keep an eye on my stories for the next Q&A box coming up soon!

I Chat:

  • How to dream bigger and set goals for future you
  • The questions you NEED to ask yourself before you grow
  • Why you feel guilty setting boundaries (and how not to)
  • How to separate yourself from your business

… and so much more

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