Episode 20: Self-Sabotaging Your Own Business Without Even Knowing and Building a CEO Mindset with Breanna May aka Miss Mindset

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This week I’m joined by Breanna May aka Miss Mindset to talk about mindset again BUT in a different way than we’ve ever spoken about it before. This episode is REAL, its vulnerable and you’re going to hear what has HELD US BACK from achieving our biz dreams and how we moved through them (along with a side of the science behind why it happened in the first place).

If you haven’t heard Breanna speak on the pod before she  is a phenomenal  life & business coach, writer, podcast host & educator on a mission to help ambitious women figure out who they are and what they want so that they build the life and business which truly sets their souls on fire.

Bree provokes women to think and live outside of the box of expectations, connecting back to their most authentic self  while giving them practical tools to transform from the inside-out, building a life by design, not default.”

We Cover:

  • What we were both terrified of that stopped us from moving forward.
  • Mindset minus the woo – the science and truth
  • How our clients have created their dream lives
  • The things YOU need to master to create your own dream life

… and so much more!


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