Episode 25


Episode 25: Becoming THE Go-To In Your Industry and Creating a Luxury Brand with Matthew Landers

If you don’t know who Matthew Landers is, stop reading this and go and check out his instagram right away (whilst continuing to listen to the podcast of course!)

Matthew is one of the most incredible florists who has worked across the world and Australia for some of the most well known a-list brands and celebrity events.

Since 1999 Matthew has competed and won over 100 Floral design competitions AND even opened his own private training provider ‘Matthew Landers Academy’.

If you are business and you want to stand out, this is an episode to listen to every single second of.

We Chat:

  • How to stand out and carve a place as the best of the best
  • Bringing on a team who ADD VALUE and build your brand to be something even more incredible
  • Charging premium prices and standing behind these
  • Finding and prioritising joy, even over money

… and so much more

You can find Matthew at www.matthewlanders.com and @matthewlanders

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