Episode 27


Episode 27: Standing Out in a Crowded Industry & Dealing with Trolls with Danni Duncan aka @thefigure_

Danni Duncan is a qualified and featured Nutrition and Fitness coach, mum of three children Harper, and twins, Harlow and Beau, and author of Yummy – It’s all about balance.

Danni loves helping women at all stages of life improve their health, mentally and physically, through exercise and balanced eating habits.

She recognised her passion for educating women after seeing the huge changes they were making through her guidance. Her online coaching programs have helped thousands of women transform themselves physically and mentally while juggling children and careers, All while not giving up the good things in life.

She is now on a mission to educate and help women all over the world be fit, healthy, happy and confident.

We Chat:

Being authentically YOU even with controversial opinions
Why doing ALL the things will stop your business from growing
How you can use troll comments to your advantage
Standing out in one of the most competitive industries
… and so much more

You can find Danni at www.thefigurelife.com and @thefigure_

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