Episode 31


Episode 31: Closing Down Your Multi 6-Figure Business to Follow Your Dream with Heidi Anderson

Heidi Anderson is someone I am SO lucky to call a friend and she’s joining me on the mic today to talk about some huge life changes that have happened for her recently – changes that are uncomfortable and confronting, things that challenge what you ‘should’ do and it’s been incredible to watch this journey unfold.

If you haven’t seen Heidi around before she’s a former TV and Radio personality and a well-loved social media influencer and confidence coach! She’s just released a BOOK and hosts the incredible podcast Champagne Confidence!

We Chat:

Why you can’t measure your success by numbers alone
How to make the gut-renching decision to shut down your business
Why you should NEVER blindly follow any coaches advice
Being your true authentic self… and so much more!

You can find Heidi over at @_heidianderson

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