Episode 37: Why Being Vulnerable Will Unlock More Wealth Than You Could Ever Imagine with Bek Antonucci

My guest this week made $28K in her first month in business 😱 BUT she was coming off the back of being $100k in debt. Bek Antonucci is an emotional wellbeing coach for women who supports people to cultivate the courage from within to express whatever it is they’ve been hiding and reclaim their personal power back from anything that has made them feel small and suppressed in society.

We cover:

Bek’s journey from $100k in debt to building her wildly successful coaching business

The practices YOU can implement in your business to sell out courses every time

Why getting support is the key to the next level, and how to let go

The magic that happens when you change your attitude to paying wages … and so much more!

You can find Bek over at @bekantonucci

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