Episode 39


Episode 39: Getting YOU and YOUR TEAM Fully Booked with Kelly McIntosh aka Gingerella Rox

What do you do once you’re fully booked in your business? If you’ve reached this milestone firstly YASSSS Queen 👏🏼 I am SO proud of you. Let me guess you’re excited about the next stage of growth but not quite sure how to get there or if you’ve already hired your team you’re wondering how do you create the same demand for them?

In this episode I am joined by the incredible Kelly McIntosh aka Gingerella Rox, a very busy single mum of 3 boys who has built 3 businesses from the ground up, each of them having a cult following and status!

We cover:

The secrets behind creating hype and demand
What it takes to shift your business to a ‘high end’ offering and pricepoint
How to shift your mindset from being afraid of competition to fully embracing the opportunity.
… and so much more!

You can find Kelly over at @gingerella_rox and @kellymcintosh___

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