The Steph Gorton Show Episode 4


Episode 4: Why Finding Your WHY is the Key to Hypergrowth in a Business You Love

Are you currently showing up and doing ALL OF THE THINGS but not seeing the results you want 😫 ?

This was me babe, I remember when I first started my business I was marketing my butt off – showing up on lives, posting in FB groups and SO consistent with my Instagram but still crickets.

Like I was getting no sales at all. No one wanted to buy from me. No one was interacting with my stuff.

When I found MY WHY everything changed. Bookings started to flood in, events started booking out and nine months later, I was able to quit my day job for good.

If you’ve already ‘found your why’ this episode is a great reminder and sense check to make sure you are in your business for the RIGHT reasons, attracting the RIGHT clients.

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