Episode 40


Episode 40: Making Your Business THRIVE & GROW Whilst You’re on HOLIDAYS

You may have seen that my wedding AND honeymoon are coming up pretty quickly which got me thinking about what I do within my business to make sure it ‘survives’ when I’m on holiday. And the funny thing is, looking back not only does my business survive – it THRIVES and often our busiest months are when I’m away (which basically means I should live perpetually on holidays right).

In Australia employees are entitled to 4 weeks of annual leave right … as a business owner how many hours of TRUE leave have you taken this year? Within P&P we see so many business owners that are scared to take any time off, that constantly burn out or ‘just reply to this email’ whilst they’re meant to be celebrating their hard work with their family. So today I’m going to share with you the tips I use to set my business up for success and guarantee that I can close my laptop lid (or even leave it in Perth!) when I go away.

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