Episode 6: Why Your Mindset Will Prevent You from Achieving Your Biggest Goals and How to Get Out of Your Own Way with Breanna Hunter aka Miss Mindset

Do you hear people talking about mindset all the time and wonder WTF does it ACTUALLY mean?

Mindset is the most crucial part of business success and today we are joined by Breanna Hunter aka Miss Mindset to chat about why investing in your mindset can be the thing that unlocks absolute greatness in your business.

Bree is a phenomenal  life & business coach, writer, podcast host & educator on a mission to help ambitious women figure out who they are and what they want so that they build the life and business which truly sets their souls on fire.  She provokes women to think and live outside of the box of expectations, connecting back to their most authentic self  while giving them practical tools to transform from the inside-out, building a life by design, not default.”

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