Episode 66: Quitting 9-5: How to Know When It’s Time to Take the Leap and Follow Your Dreams

How MANY times have you dreamt about quitting your 9-5 day job so you could focus on what truly lights you up? I was able to resign just NINE MONTHS after following the advice I am going to give you in today’s bomb of an episode and I haven’t looked back since. Before you hit send on your resignation letter there are FOUR key things you need to ensure you’ve got covered and I’m going to walk you through EXACTLY what they are so you can do the same!

And if you’re currently wondering whether you should start searching on Seek because you’re not seeing the dollars roll in this episode might just uncover what you’ve been missing!

You’ll hear:

💥 How I knew it was the RIGHT time to QUIT

💥 The EXACT amount I had in my BANK ACCOUNT when I took the leap

💥Why SO many business owners FAIL and need to get another job… and SO much more!

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