Episode 67: How AI is Changing the Game with Tim Frey

If you’re not using the power of AI to save you time and money then you NEED to listen to this episode. I am joined by my incredible husband, Tim Frey, this week as we sit down to talk about how you can use AI – specifically ChatGPT – to save you TONNES of time and make you MORE MONEY in your biz!

Imagine having 24 social posts written in 60 seconds, or having a full business plan done for you in just a matter of minutes… The possibilities of AI are UNLIMITED and we’re here today to give you some insight into how to use this amazing tool to hack time and make your success easier!

You’ll hear:
💥 What ChatGPT is and how it can be used as a POWERFUL biz too!
💥 EXACTLY how Tim uses AI to generate his high-converting content!
💥 What to do if you think YOUR biz or industry might be wiped out by AI…
and SO much more!

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