Episode 70: How to Monetise Your Following with Brennan Hopkins

Imagine if someone said to you they could help you make an EXTRA $500,000 in your business? That’s exactly what today’s special guest, Brennan Hopkins said to me! Brennan is a monetization expert that helps brands uncover hidden revenue in their existing operations. He has worked with brands like Athletic Greens, Mike Tysons IM-21 and helped his clients make OVER 10 MILLION DOLLARS IN REVENUE.

Alex Hormozi says there are TWO ways to make more money … You either need more LEADS or more SALES from your current people but did you know that it is 70% easier to sell to existing customers than it is to someone that’s new? Well, we’re here to talk you through how YOU can make the most out of your following and find missed revenue opportunities the same way I am.

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