Episode 71: Sh*t That Works! – How to Leverage Your Network

Do you want to get a BIG results with LESS work? Then you need to learn to leverage.Welcome to the second episode of my new segment – Sh*t That Works! In each of these short FIRE episodes, I share the strategies, tactics and hot tips that have worked not only for me and my business, but for hundreds of my clients too!

Today, I’m walking you through EXACTLY what I did to get my first clients through the door in my first business and how YOU can do it too!

You’ll hear:
🔥 How I used my existing network to get MOMENTUM in my biz
🔥 How you can make SALES and get CLIENTS with ZERO followers and no audience!
🔥 HOT offers to get people talking about you and your business TODAY!… and SO much more!

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