Episode 72: Unlocking the Profit Potential of Email – How to Turn Your Inbox into a Money-Making Machine

Are you ready to make TONNES of extra money in your biz using something that won’t cost you a cent?! If you are not using the power of email marketing in your business then babe, you are leaving SO much potential revenue on the table. In this episode, I share WHY email marketing is so important and I walk you through the SIX KEY STEPS to take if you want to turn your email marketing into a money-making machine!

If you’re in business, you need to listen to this episode – and I highly recommend you have a pen and paper on hand to take notes.

You’ll hear:
🔥 Why email marketing is one of the best tools in biz
🔥 My top strategies for growing your email list AND what NOT to do when sending emails
🔥 My favourite way to INCREASE your OPEN RATE! … and SO much more!

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