Episode 74: Is Your Leadership Letting You Down? with Shelley Johnson

Have you ever had to FIRE someone? Or have you been putting it off? I just can’t get enough of today’s podcast guest, and that is none other than the incredible Shelley Johnson! Shell is the founder of boldside – the leadership and HR agency for fast-growing businesses. Her mission is to build leaders they’ll want to follow and teams they’ll never want to leave.

If you’re a business owner who feels their team may be lacking culture, are underperforming or you as a leader want to leave a legacy this episode is a MUST LISTEN.
You’ll hear:
🔥 Why you need to be DEFINING your VALUES
🔥 How to be a successful LEADER for the LONG GAME
🔥 How to have TOUGH conversations even when you don’t want to … and SO much more!

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