Episode 81: Sh!t That Works – How I Made an Extra $40,000 from ONE Offer

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I recently shared an offer that made us OVER $40,000 in SALES in one month… and I’m going to break it down COMPLETELY for you. Welcome to the seventh episode of my new segment – Sh*t That Works! In each of these short FIRE episodes, I share the strategies, tactics and hot tips that have worked not only for me and my business but for hundreds of my clients too! If you are a coach, consultant or B2B business owner now is the perfect time to take action with what I share today, ESPECIALLY given the current economy.

People are really starting to pinch their pennies right now and it’s not that they’re NOT spending – it’s just that right now to convince them to spend with you, your offers have to be a 100% heck yes. Strap in and grab a pen and paper, you don’t want to miss today’s episode. This is going to blow your competitors out of the water and put you right in front of your clients.

You’ll hear:

🔥 The EXACT method YOU can use to bring in MORE SALES right now

🔥 REAL examples that can work for every type of B2B business

🔥 How to make this offer something your audience CAN’T say NO to… and SO much more!


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