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Episode 86: How Do You Hire an OFFSHORE VA and How They Can Help You SCALE LIKE CRAZY with Jess Whatman from AgentSync

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What if I told you that you could offload 90% of your to-do list? Think about ALL those things you want to do for your business but just can’t find the time? What would it mean if you could have someone do those tasks for you, at a really low cost?

Today, I have the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Jess Whatman who has put her business, AgentSync, into hyper-growth reaching MULTIPLE SIX FIGURES in only ONE YEAR!

Her company AgentSync provides highly educated and qualified offshore VAs to real estate businesses and other industries across the country.

Jess breaks down some of the stigma and misconceptions you might have around hiring an offshore VA and shares just how powerful it can be to add a VA to your business to help you reach new levels of success by working smarter, not harder!

You’ll hear:

💥 Why hiring a VA could be the BEST thing to do to help your business GROW and SCALE
💥 The truths about whether you can TRUST them and what the QUALITY is actually like
💥 Some of the tasks you can get a VA to do TODAY that you might be wasting your time and energy on

… and so much more!


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