Don't Just Take It From Me. Here's Some of My Clients' Epic Results...


Structure with Sarena

best possible financial position of our lives!

“I now run my business full time from home, I have a wonderful team of 5, get to structure my work around my life and I am now in a position to put my financee and I in the best possible financial position of our lives “

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Boho Social

P&P was the best investment i have ever made!

“If you are sitting on the fence please trust in yourself. You are going to be so much further ahead. It would have taken years more to get to where I am if i had of gone it alone.”


Alchemy Brand Studio

I can’t say enough how big of a change it made in my life!

Within 3 months i had quit my full time job, replaced my income, making $10k months. I have 100% had all my dreams come true.


The Figure Life

She literally is the best coach in the business!

“I can’t thank her enough. She’s always on your side, she’s got your back, she gives you plan and strategies—makes you think for yourself. She literally is the best coach in the business.”

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Serentiy Wellness Collective


“Steph’s guidance through the course helped me to release all the fluff that I was doing, and just really focus on what was going to be income-producing and what was really gonna benefit and help grow my business.”


NKO Creative

I have been growing every single day!

“After 6 months in the program, I quit my full time job. The 6 months completely changed my business and my entire life. I wouldnt have had this growth in my business without being part of the Purpose & Profit Mastermind”

Amanda Stevenson

“Steph, I just had to tell you I had my 50th person sign up! I’m so over the moon you have no idea! Thank you for making all of this possible.”

Clare Standfast

Thank you SO much for everything that you have done for me while I have been a part of your amazing community! P&P has changed my business model, income and mindset in so many incredible ways. I can't believe that when I started with you I was looking for a job ... now I am forecasting 6-figures and I'm booked out. I feel like I am authentically me in business and I feel truly blessed in what I do rather than stressed. You are absolutely lifechanging. Investing in P&P was 110% the best business decision I have ever made, and I'm so glad that I did it. So grateful to you. Best of luck in all of your endeavours, and for your upcoming wedding.


Choose Steph, honestly. I couldn’t even afford the course when I started. I used the last bit of money I had to pay the deposit for the course. I now can pay myself a wage of nearly $1000 a week & pay my bills, in just 8 weeks of working with Steph. I have had the most amazing change in my business. I went from making $250 in 2 months to over $1500 a week. The principals, the knowledge and the support is absolutely next to none. Steph is there, she is just there for absolutely everything. When I’ve had my wins and when I’ve held back the tears… she always makes time to support & celebrate you. I needed someone to lay it out as it is, not sugar coat it for me which Steph always did in an absolutely amazing way. You will experience personal growth and business growth if you listen to Steph & implement the strategies and do what needs to be done. Steph genuinely knows her stuff and all I can say is that she is fkn AMAZING!!!!!!

Courtney Wilder

My first full month in P&P I made over $4,000. 
My second month I made over $10,000.

This 100% would not have been possible on my own. It was through the endless support, the phenomenal insight and wisdom received daily, and the monumental encouragement from Steph, the coaches, and the P&P community.

Megan Dent

Megan Dent

“Working with Steph has been the BEST thing I could have done!! I’ve taken my ‘hobby’ makeup business to a ‘proper’ business… something I have wanted to do for so long, but was too busy and unsure of the steps to get there. Steph changed everything.”


Thank you so so so much Steph for everything! Celebrating all the things we achieved… A rebrand, Price increase, First $6k month, Doubled my monthly income, Successful workshop, Website refresh, Attracting DREAM clients, Improved customer service, Huge mindset shifts (I AM WORTHY OF SUCCESS!), And so so much more, Thank you for all your support, encouragement, love and advice!

Tracy Fryer

I finished on $152 400! My goal being $150 000 A number that seemed like an unattainable dream when I left my job. I just wanted to say THANK YOU so so much! Joining your course has really changed my life and my biz . It’s also helped me achieve things I didn’t think I could. I’ve also found a new confidence in myself and what I do.

Thank you so much Steph! You’re a legend!

Tara Clark

You have given me something that nobody can take away from me, the belief that I can in fact do this, that I am in fact DOING it! I love working on my business now, something I never liked before, but now I can see it going somewhere, I can see where it could end up for the first time since I started nearly 4 years ago. Thank you for being my biggest fan, and for always believing in me, even when I didn’t.

I have tripled my income since joining and am paying myself for the first time ever!

I’m here to empower you, push you, challenge you, and support you the whole way through your journey.

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