Don't Just Take It From Me.
Here's Some of My Clients' Epic Results...

“I can’t thank her enough. She’s always on your side, she’s got your back, she gives you plan and strategies—makes you think for yourself. She literally is the best coach in the business.”
— Danni Hewitt

“Steph’s guidance through the course helped me to release all the fluff that I was doing, and just really focus on what was going to be income-producing and what was really gonna benefit and help grow my business.”
— Narelle Weird

Facebook Coach - Amanda Stevenson Testimonial

“Steph, I just had to tell you I had my 50th person sign up! I’m so over the moon you have no idea!
Thank you for making all of this possible.”
— Amanda Stevenson

Facebook Coach - Megan Dent Testimonial

“Working with Steph has been the BEST thing I could have done!! I’ve taken my ‘hobby’ makeup business to a ‘proper’ business… something I have wanted to do for so long, but was too busy and unsure of the steps to get there. Steph changed everything.”
— Megan Dent

Steph Gorton Testimonials Vicky

Choose Steph, honestly.

I couldn’t even afford the course when I started.  I used the last bit of money I had to pay the deposit for the course.

I now can pay myself a wage of nearly $1000 a week & pay my bills, in just 8 weeks of working with Steph.

I have had the most amazing change in my business. I went from making $250 in 2 months to over $1500 a week. The principals, the knowledge and the support is absolutely next to none.

Steph is there, she is just there for absolutely everything. When I’ve had my wins and when I’ve held back the tears… she always makes time to support & celebrate you.

 I needed someone to lay it out as it is, not sugar coat it for me which Steph always did in an absolutely amazing way.

You will experience personal growth and business growth if you listen to Steph & implement the strategies and do what needs to be done. Steph genuinely knows her stuff and all I can say is that she is fkn AMAZING!!!!!!

— Vicky, plushevents.com.au


Steph Gorton Testimonials Amy

I started the course because I was at a stop sign in my business & my life. Steph’s ad popped up at exactly the right time. We chatted on the phone & I instantly fell in love with her energy & drive for success. I knew I was in the right place.

I couldn’t afford the course, my husband had just been made redundant, but I KNEW it was time to step up and support my family.

I loved the constant support, encouragement & love that Steph & the other ladies in the course have shown me. After just 6 weeks I have seen a huge change in my drive to succeed & in my business financially. I now wake up everyday excited to see what the day will bring, my business is thriving & I am on the road to success.

I have loved the webinars and the homework. It has kept me focused. I would HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone at a crossroads in their business or if you are just unsure of where to start! Start with Steph!

— Amy | @cherriblossomcandleco

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