Our exclusive high level coaching program for action-takers who are ready to scale their business to $100k+ months

Congrats beautiful, you’re hitting that $10k+ month income goal consistently in your business and it feels ahhhmazing!

But now that you’ve had a moment for it to become normal, you know you’re ready for more.

You’re ready to scale your business to $100k+ months. But it feels SCARY and you feel like you need support, what systems, processes and procedures you need and how to shift your “small business” headspace into the CEO mindset. You know what got you here, won’t get you to the next level.


When Maddi started in P&P in September of 2020 she was earning $41k per year in her business. She had 10 different offers and was averaging 60 hour weeks. Everything was reactive, nothing was systemised and she had big dreams but no goals in place.


Through the process of getting clear on her goals (including her Big Hairy Audacious Goal), breaking them down into 90 day sprints and having clear focus areas Maddi was able to achieve these results in just 18 months:

Sept 2020

Revenue: $41k
Hours worked: 60 pw
Avg Client Value: $500

Sept 2022

Revenue: $190k
Hours worked: 30 pw
Avg Client Value: $2000

And her BHAG (5 year goal) was to buy a house which she successfully did within 18 months!


When Steph started coaching with P&P, she was making $30k per year in her business. She was working 80+ hours a week and burning out. She had no systems and processes and was doing everything herself - every waking minute felt as though it was spent on her business but she was not moving the needle forward.


June 2020 - 2021

Hours worked: 80 pw
Avg Client Value: $850
Revenue Joining: $30-50k

June 2021-2022

Hours worked: 20 pw
Avg Client Value: $2900
Revenue Finishing: $120k

First goal set in April 2021: Consistent 10K month
Date first goal achieved: within 1 year of joining P&P

And her BHAG (5 year goal) was: Wanted to become a coach and launch a course for photographers
Date achieved: 2 years into joining P&P


When Nimo first started in P&P in July 2021 she was earning $29k per year in her business. Nimo had hardly any clients, didn’t know how to scale.


July 2021

Revenue: $29k
Hours worked: 35+ pw
Avg Client Value: $831


Revenue: $277k
Hours worked: 40 pw
Avg Client Value: $6414

Number of team members at time of joining: 0 Number of team members currently: 18


When Emily first started P&P in September 2022, she really needed help in effective team management, future planning, more closely identifying target market and ideal clients, more closely identifying company mission and goals, and perfecting her customer journey.


June 2020 - 2021

Hours worked: 45 – 50 pw
Avg Client Value: $258 per month
Revenue Joining: $480k


Hours worked: 35 pw
Avg Client Value: $327 per month
Revenue Finishing: $650k

Emily hit her big hairy audacious 5 year goal after just 4 months in P&P!

Get access to the million dollar strategy, systems & support your business needs from our team of expert business coaches

Our High Rollers program

is the exclusive program for you to level up, get the support you need to scale your business and expand your mind to what’s truly possible.

Access to our high rollers program means you not only get access to:

  • The Purpose & Profit Mastermind (our core program taking you from $5k months to consistent $10k months)

  • Facebook community of 100+ P&P queens

  • Guest presentations and regular goal setting sessions


Weekly High Rollers group coaching calls with our expert business coaches to ask questions, stay motivated & connect with other High Rollers

High Rollers game plan with action plans sessions tailored to your business & KPI reviews with our expert business coaches

A private portal with 24/7 unrestricted access to the High Rollers modules focussing on:
- Growing your team
- Building systems that scale
- Shifting to a CEO mindset
- Building long term wealth

Guest presenters from business experts focusing on high level growth, marketing & PR

Support and accountability from other High Rollers who are working towards scaling from $10k+ to $100k+ months


Since 2017, I’ve coached thousands of women and helped them take their startup businesses to $10k months.  

The 2 key themes I’ve noticed once you start making in excess of $10k months?

  1. The problems you face are completely different to what you’ve experienced in the past (the old saying “at every level there’s a new devil”)


  2. What got you here, won’t get you to the next level

The High Rollers program is designed for action-taking women who are ready for a seat at the table.  The table where we grow personally and professionally, where no income goal is too outrageous and where we work less and earn more.

It’s not just another mastermind

It’s an experience, tailored strategy, high level growth and accountability, and support from other high achieving women who are in a class of their own.

We’re the High Rollers.



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best possible financial position of our lives!

“I now run my business full time from home, I have a wonderful team of 5, get to structure my work around my life and I am now in a position to put my fiance and I in the best possible financial position of our lives “

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P&P was the best investment i have ever made!

“If you are sitting on the fence please trust in yourself. You are going to be so much further ahead. It would have taken years more to get to where I am if i had of gone it alone.”


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I can’t say enough how big of a change it made in my life!

Within 3 months i had quit my full time job, replaced my income, making $10k months. I have 100% had all my dreams come true.