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Want to Stand Out? Show up on IG Stories!

Are you showing up on stories, babe?⁠

Digital marketing trends are always changing and staying up to date with them to make sure you’re growing and reaching new clients is KEY to scaling 🔑⁠

And one of the BIGGEST trends we’ve been seeing is people-to-people connection.⁠

Your clients want to get to know you before investing with you.⁠

So sharing more about your life and the behind-the-scenes of your biz can help you build trust with your dream clients, and start getting you leads on autopilot.⁠

And Instagram Stories are the PERFECT place to do this 📲⁠

What are your hobbies?⁠
What’s your morning routine?⁠
How do you get ready for a day of work?⁠
What type of dog do you have?⁠
How do you take your coffee?⁠

These may seem simple and you may be thinking ‘no one will care.’⁠

But TRUST ME babe, they DO!!⁠

Your followers when they get to know the awesome person behind the magic ✨ :

(P.S. Did you know – most people only check stories when they log into IG instead of scrolling on their feed.)⁠

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