What to Do (When Your To-Do List Isn't Cutting It) - Steph Gorton
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What to Do (When Your To-Do List Isn’t Cutting It)

Beauty, your to-do list may not be cutting it 📝

I know that having a stack of sticky notes and notepad can seem like it’s enough…⁠

But as you scale and grow – you may find that it’s just not cutting it.⁠

You’re a BOSS with work to do, delegate, and check in on a daily basis ✅⁠

And it’s time to start showing up like one.

Because part of being a CEO is showing up as a boss, and not a stressed-out #solopreneur.

So here are some of my favourite tips for going from this 🤯🤯🤯 to this 👩‍💼👩‍💼👩‍💼⁠:

❤️ Sign up for a project management software like Asana, Monday, Clickup etc. to start tracking your goals, tasks, and team assignments. You can even add team members to your account and assign tasks to them and have it all organised in one place. ⁠

❤️ Hire a VA! Before you know it, you’ll outgrow a lot of the more admin tasks that take up your valuable CEO time. The sooner you get someone to support you with these tasks, the faster you can scale. Start before you’re ready babe!⁠

❤️ It’s time to start time-blocking 📆 If you’re seeing clients every day you’re doing it wrong. Sorry not sorry. The truth is that you need time to dedicate to working on the biz, which means you need client days & you need admin, growth & self-care days too. ⁠

So if you’re currently letting clients book just any old slot in your calendar, it’s time to start cutting down the days and hours and being more purposeful with YOUR time. 

This is just the beginning….⁠

Your CEO journey is just getting started and you’re in for some AMAZING growth.

Want a headstart?

Get on a free 10-minute call with our team today! Let’s talk all things biz and the next steps you should be taking to grow yours 💕💕💕

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