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What’s Your Why? (And Why This Matters)

Clients care LESS about your credentials than you think…⁠

Of course – being on top of your game, investing in your skills, making sure you’ve got the necessary quals and providing the best products and services is CRITICAL to having a successful business ✨⁠

But MORE THAN ANYTHING your customers are buying into who YOU are as a person. Its super important to really connect with them. You can do that by sharing these little insights into your world:⁠

➡️Why did you start your business?⁠
➡️Who are you serving?⁠ And why?⁠
➡️What problem are you solving?⁠
➡️What is your MISSION?⁠
➡️What impact do you want to make?⁠

Your clients will always be able to figure out ‘what’ you sell. But the WHY is what’s going to make them buy from YOU. ⁠

But it’s time to brag about the ‘WHY!’ ❤️⁠
Because I bet yours is pretty special. ⁠

At the end of the day, we connect with people who let us in 🎉 And that’s why sharing your ‘WHY’ is such a game-changer 🏆⁠

So – what’s your WHY?

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