The Purpose & Profit Mastermind Hero

Take your start up from 0-6 figures in 6 months

It’s Time to Run Your Business, Instead of Letting it Run You.

If you can answer YES to any of the following, your business is begging to be scaled:

👉 Are you overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks of your business, praying for more time to actually grow?

👉 Are you just chugging along, looking for the spark that led you to starting your business in the first place?

👉 Are you tired of working with nightmare clients that don’t pay you your worth?

👉 Are you ready for more free time to do the tasks you love, instead of the one you dread on a daily basis?

👉 Are you second-guessing your potential as a boss babe and ready for some much-needed guidance

👉 Are you ready to re-ignite your business, make more money, and impact more lives by living your purpose?

Go From Surviving to THRIVING In Your Business

There is a ton of advice on social media these days for aspiring entrepreneurs.
It seems like everyday I log onto Instagram, I find another business-savvy, productivity and coffee-loving CEO giving advice to new business owners.
And even though I’ve used online platforms to take my business from 0 to a consistent 10K months in less than a year…

I’ve gotten a lot of bad advice from online gurus.

❌ Discount all of your services to get a ton of clients in the door.
❌ Make sure your content is always perfect before posting.
❌ You can’t start making money without a great website.
❌ Sacrificing your health and me time is the key to being successful.

And not to be rude but…

That type of negative, perfectionist, and self-sabotaging advice will make you dread working on your business and keep you stuck at the 5-figure mark.

So it’s time to cut through the noise and focus on business coaching principles that actually work.

Here Are the 3 Keys Every Boss Babe Needs

After trying every business plan under the sun and helping hundreds of boss babes build their dream, 6-figure businesses – I’ve boiled everything down into 3 keys that set good businesses apart from the great ones.

❤️ STRATEGY To really win in your business, it’s not about just doing more. It’s about doing more of the right stuff that will actually move the needle in your business. Every business and every business owner has unique needs. That’s why it’s critical to figure out which strategies are perfect for your business so you don’t waste time doing work that won’t affect your battle line.

❤️ACCOUNTABILITY Having a coach that is obsessed with your success and there to make sure you are consistently making moves as a CEO will skyrocket your sales profits. Coaches are people who have been where you are and know how to get you to your dream level of business. They can cut the time it’ll take to reach your goals in half and keep you sane and motivated the entire way.

❤️COMMUNITY By surrounding yourself with like-minded, passionate boss babes that get it, you’ll keep yourself motivated and create long-lasting friendships that will keep you excited about leveling up. I know it sounds cliché, but you are the sum of the people that you surround yourself with. That’s why finding other entrepreneurs who want to crush it should be a high priority if you’re a business owner who wants to take it to the next level.

“After Learning What Actually Works, I Grew Tired of the Bullsh** Advice Out There That’s Holding Boss Babes Back.

So I created The Purpose & Profit Mastermind as the answer for every badass entrepreneur who is ready to scale her business to multiple 6 figures… in just 6 months.”

➡️ Achieve ultimate clarity in your business by curating a custom and detailed strategy that’ll make all of your business goals come true.

➡️ Make more sales by working with dream clients that make you excited to get out of bed each morning.

➡️ Learn how to work on your business, instead of just in it so you have more free time while letting go of the tasks you dread in your business.

Hello Beautiful, I’m Steph.

And I’m here to help you build your dream business, despite the obstacles life may be throwing at you.
I remember thinking, “there’s got to be more to life,” one day in August of 2017, as I got ready for work.
Starting a business wasn’t on my radar, but I hated where I worked and I saw bigger things happening for me and my life.
Little did I know that in less than 2 years, I would have my dream business teaching women how to take their passions and side hustles and make six-figures without the stress of keeping people happy at a day job.
Taking a leap of faith and believing in myself transformed my life.
With the help of an incredible coach, persistence, a vision (and a little bit of wine 🥂), built a life that makes me excited to wake up every morning.
And it’s my turn to help you do the same.
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The Purpose & Profit Mastermind helps you create a thriving business using the 3 keys every entrepreneur needs to make it in today’s online economy.

After spending over $70K to learn from the best business coaches, I’ve put everything I’ve learned and tried in my own business into the Purpose & Profit Mastermind.

These are the same strategies I used to grow 2x multi-6 figure businesses and I’ve put them into one 6-month program that takes your self-doubt and overwhelm and transforms it into your dream business.

Everything You Need ⬇️

✨ 6 Months of Hybrid Business Coaching with both one-on-one and small group coaching sessions to keep your fire burning and momentum going for your business.

✨ 24/7 access to over 100 modules worth of content covering everything you need to go from being a startup, to being sold out on your offers, to scaling to multiple 6 figures.

✨ 5 Weekly Group Mastermind calls to cover key concepts, ask questions about your business, and connect with other boss babes in real time.

✨ 2 one-on-one strategy sessions to focus solely on your business and where you are, and where you want to go, with takeaway steps and tools.

✨ Accountability groups to help hold you accountable to actually do the work that’ll get your business going.

✨Monthly, drip-released modules to maximize your success and save you from being overwhelmed by all of the mouthwatering content.

(P.S. Did I Mention There Are Bonuses…)

✔️ 100+ tools, templates, scripts, calculators, worksheets and more to make taking action on your business easier and doubt-free

✔️Guest training sessions from online business experts who will walk you through everything you need to know about marketing and ethically running your business.

I talk A LOT about dream clients and why you should focus on working with them to grow your business.

So here’s my dream client for The Purpose & Profit Mastermind:

☀️ A service-based entrepreneur who wants to positively impact lives through her work and business.

☀️ A boss babe who is committed to turning a profit in the next 90 days.

☀️ An eager-to-grow business owner who is ready to work with 3-4 new clients within 4 weeks to transform her revenue.

☀️ A coachable badass who wants to invest in the best for her business.

☀️ An optimist with a Get-It-Done attitude who wants results now.

"I started the course because I was at a stop sign in my business & my life.

Steph’s ad popped up at exactly the right time. We chatted on the phone & I instantly fell in love with her energy & drive for success.

I knew I was in the right place.

I couldn’t afford the course, my husband had just been made redundant, but I KNEW it was time to step up and support my family.

I loved the constant support, encouragement & love that Steph & the other ladies in the course have shown me.

In just 6 weeks, I have seen a huge change in my drive to succeed & in my business financially. I now wake up excited to see what the day will bring, my business is thriving & I am on the road to success.

I have loved the webinars and the homework. It has kept me focused. I would highly recommend this course to anyone at a crossroads in their business or if you are just unsure of where to start.

Start with Steph!"
— Amy

Are You Ready to Scale 📈

The Purpose & Profit Mastermind will give you the tools, support, and coaching you need to have consistent ‘light bulb’ moments and break the glass ceiling in your business.

If you’re time-poor and constantly working IN your business, instead of on it…
💡Learn how to outsource affordably and effectively so you can focus on your area of genius.

If you’re working 12-hour days to stay afloat and keep your current clients happy…
💡 Learn how to move away from a 1:1 service-based model and optimize your time to serve more people (and make more money) while having time off.

If your profits have hit a wall month after month and you’re not sure how to earn more…
💡Learn how to create multiple revenue streams suited for your business and based on passive income to maximize your profits.

What People Are Saying

🌟 "Choose Steph, honestly."

I couldn’t even afford the course when I started. I used the last bit of money I had to pay the deposit for the course.

I can now pay myself a wage of nearly $1,000 a week and pay my bills, in just 8 weeks of working with Steph. I have had the most amazing change in my business.

I went from making $250 in 2 months to over $1500 a week.

The principles, the knowledge and the support is absolutely next to none.

Steph is there, she is just there for absolutely everything. When I’ve had my wins and when I’ve held back the tears… she always makes time to support & celebrate you.

I needed someone to lay it out as it is, not sugarcoat it for me which Steph always did in an absolutely amazing way.

You will experience personal growth and business growth if you listen to Steph and implement the strategies and do what needs to be done.

Steph genuinely knows her stuff and all I can say is that she is fkn AMAZING!”
— Vicky
🌟 “Steph’s guidance through the course helped me to release all of the fluff that I was doing, and just really focus on what was going to be income-producing and what was really gonna benefit and help grow my business.”
— Narelle Weird
🌟 “Steph, I just had to tell you I had my 50th person sign up! I’m so over the moon you have no idea! Thank you for making all of this possible.”
— Amanda Stevenson

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to have a business or side hustle to join the Purpose & Profit Mastermind?

    👉 We recommend that all our Mastermind attendees have a business that is up and running and ready for some serious leveling up. The strategies and coaching in the Mastermind are designed to take existing businesses making 0 to $150K a year to multiple 6 figures, in less than 6 months.

    But, we have the perfect offer for all new entrepreneurs. If you’re still in the start-up stages of your business and need a kickstart, check out the Purpose & Profit Biz Bootcamp by clicking here.

  • How much time do I need to commit to the program?

    👉 The Purpose & Profit Biz Mastermind is a 6 month program filled with content-dense modules that will teach you everything you need to conquer your business. Along with that, there are strategy sessions and coaching calls that happen every week.

    To make the most out of the Mastermind, we recommend being able to dedicate 3-5 hours a week to make the most out of the material and start implementing and take action.

  • Does the Mastermind come with one-on-one coaching?

    👉 This Mastermind does feature a hybrid model of one-on-one and group coaching. There are weekly group coaching calls to keep you accountable and connected with your peer boss babes as well as one-on-one sessions with the coaching team throughout the course of the Mastermind to really do a deep dive into your business.

  • Do you have more testimonials I can check out?

    👉 Yes, for sure! Check out this link for more wins and stories from beautiful women I’ve worked with:

  • I’m not sure I’m ready to be in the Mastermind right now, can I apply later or can you hold my spot?

    👉 We cap the number of attendees for the Purpose & profit Mastermind to make sure we can give every boss babe the individualized attention she needs to create a thriving business. Because of this, we often cannot enroll everyone that applies for each round of the Mastermind.

    This is why we cannot guarantee that we will hold spots for applicants. We encourage you to apply when you are ready to take serious action on your business.

    We also offer a payment plan for the Mastermind to help our boss babes out ❤️