Your Biz NEEDS ✨Beautiful✨ Brand Photography. Here's Why. - Steph Gorton
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Your Biz NEEDS ✨Beautiful✨ Brand Photography. Here’s Why.

You’ve probably heard that saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”?

In today’s super fast-paced world, that phrase couldn’t be more true. Branding Photography is more important than ever before in helping small biz owners to tell their story and connect with their customers.

Gorgeous, let me tell you why:

1️⃣ Connect with your audience. Storytelling photos allow a business to breathe life and personality into a brand. When you share your story, your audience starts to know, like, and trust your brand in a deeper, more meaningful way.

2️⃣ Stand out. We live in a noisy world where consumers are constantly bombarded with other messages and distractions. Professional photos help your brand get noticed, grab your audience’s attention, and make your brand memorable.

3️⃣ Elevate your expert status. Professional photos help differentiate the leaders from the amateurs. Great photos can position you as the authority or go-to expert in your market.

4️⃣ Share your depth. Your brand is more than a simple headshot. Share your process, your personality, and the kind of client experience your customer can expect and you’ll start to build a brand with more depth and purpose.

It’s time, beauty 💖 Take the plunge, book your photoshoot, start to attract your dream clients, and inspire them to choose your brand from the rest!

Looking for places to start your ideal brand photographer search? Check out my frequent collaborator Stef Spills Ink, or our P&P Mastermind community members Alchemy Brand Studio (she offers headshot days!) and Caitlin Ruth Photography (she does lovely food and product photography as well).

Sooooo stoked to have Adrienne Weimer join us straight from San Francisco, CA next week to speak to our P&P girls about how to leverage LinkedIn for small businesses.

Adrienne is a LinkedIn Strategist and ICF-Certified Sales Coach with 10+ years of experience in sales, coaching, and leadership development. She has also worked with outstanding coaches including Amy Porterfield, Sabrina Philipp, Melissa Pharr, Niyc Pidgeon and more!

Want complimentary access to monthly guest speakers like Adrienne? Get on a free consult with our team today!

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